Barta Tournament Dates 2015 July 16th – 18

Resilient Releasing Barta Tournament

Resilient Releasing Barta Tournament hit $800,000 Donation

By Jason Hawkins


hit $800,000 Donation

“Our goal is to raise over one-million dollars for the Boys & Girls Club right here in Beaufort, NC. They need it and we have the ability to do it and we are going to raise this money in a very special way,” said Tred Barta in July of 2004 from downtown Beaufort. It was the week of the inaugural tournament and the fishing tournament that is really a charity event and celebration of philanthropy for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Coastal Carolina. In the eleven years since that statement, the tournament, the founder, and the economy underwent change and withstood dark moments and the wind and yet, the focus remained the same: To raise money for the youth of today that need it for tomorrow. Since those early moments in Beaufort the efforts of this tournament and charity have stood on the supportive wave of volunteers that donate countless hours and time and monies and effort to the cause. Combined with the generous and warm hearted donations from sponsors, participant sponsor, participants and local businesses the tournament has pushed the bow forward into sometimes rough seas and to date $800,000 has been raised and given to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Coastal Carolina. For a tournament that has a minimal entry fee and has no pay-out to winners and that relies on a tournament director to orchestrate volunteers to be accountable for every detail and moment during tournament week, this is nothing less than phenomenal. “Our sponsors are fantastic,” says Cynthia Barber. She doesn’t say this with just a smile; sometimes the emotion of knowing how people give to this special event moistens her eyes, too. “We have over one-hundred volunteers and they each give up days and hours of their own work and school and vacation to come here and serve; and they come here without having to be asked twice,” Barber says. Throughout the tournament event, there are auction items donated by artists and local businesses and at least one fishing excursion, valued at over $7000.00 is up for bidding. “This past tournament, there were over 150 auction items alone,” says Barber. In addition to the donations for auction items, two of the three meals fed to anglers and participants are donated and there are many in-kind donations from graphics design to the design of programs. Volunteers that help set-up, sell merchandise, tend bar, clean-up and pass out awards to participants are priceless in effort and good-will. Eleven years later and despite the challenges with economy and weather and the tasks of pleading to sponsors and encouraging philanthropy, the Barta tournament is ever so close to its goal. With one employee and no formal offices and supported by volunteers and donors, the tournament presented a check for $40,733 to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Coastal Carolina this year. The money raised over eleven years and this year are being raised on a promise and raised for the reason’s that Barta spoke of, when this event was in its infancy. “Through this tournament, we have the ability to raise these monies, we have the desire to raise these monies, and thankfully, we have the sponsors, participants, donors, and volunteers that afford us to raise these monies in a specal manner”.

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